Animations récentes


Agence Evénements offers personnal (adults & children) and business entertainments.

Examples: thematic evenings, kids' birthdays, chistmas' trees, seminars and other sort of entertainment.

A full suitability to your projects

Your entetainment is based on spectific expectations regarding your need, the duration, and the global vision of your objectives. Our rigour and our control of technical parameters makes of our company your best partner.

A personnalized event

Owned to our creativity and reactivity, you beneficiate of the most accurate and spectacular innovations.

A human sized agency

We intervent on the all New Caledonia territory

An business proposal appropriate to your needs

Contact us in view to define a personnalized quotation, taking into consideration:

  • the entertainment's date and duration
  • the number of activities expected
  • the need for supervisors
  • the available space