For adults

 Musical and/or Cinema Quiz

Teams confront each other around greatest musical & cinema hits. Each set is interspersed with challenging games which give a bit of spice to the evening. 

Duration: 3 hours

Number of participants: from 8 to 300

Installation duration: 20 minutes


 "Don't forget the song's words" / Karaoké

 Participate to the game presented in the same manner than on TV, individual or by team, or chose the simple solution of Karaoke. More than 500 songs are available.


Tropical evening

Tropics' ambiance for this thematic evening. During the meal (at your charge), the evening will start by a tasting of cocktails associated to a blind test - will you succeed in finding the savours?..

A Limbo competition will launch the foam party animated by a DJ.

Duration: 5 hours

Number of participants: unlimited

Installation duration: 1 hour


Sumos' fight

3 tatamis and 6 costumes plunge the participants in Japan, time of an evening for which a big tournament is organized. Roll-Push-Jump-Run, nothing is simple with such a costume - laughter guaranteed. Ambiance music and animator are warming up this animation. Inside or outside, depending of space availability.

Duration: 3 hours

Number of participants: 6 at the same time (up to 64 in tournament). Adults.

Installation duration: 15 minutes


Interactive Games

Interactive games on video consoles.  Players fight (4 per screen)  on sportive  tests or play games. 1 console XBOX 360 and 2 consoles Wii can receive each 4 players. Opposition or cooperation games depending of the players' preference.

Covered space required with electrical plugs and furniture for screens. Plan some distance over the screen because 4 participants play together.


Number of participants : up to 12 at the same time on 3 screens

Duration : 2 to 6 hours

Installation duration: 30 minutes


Board Games (games UNIQUE in New-Caledonia)

We propose a list of 50 new generation board games. An animator is required to explain the games which are often unknown for the players.

Games have been chosen for their play and educative sights, easy to understand and very interactive. The duration of each game vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours per game.

Examples of games: the bogeymen, calculodingo, Jungle speed, Smallworld…

                                                          Duration : from 1 to 6 hours

Number of participants : from 2 to 30

Installation duration : 10 minutes

 Murder Party

Resolve a murder mystery, by embodying the story's protagonists. Role-plays, mix of improvisation theatre, survey game and police adventure. One of the major interests is to play criminal character.

Duration: fom 1h30 to 4hours

Number of participants: from 8 to 20

Installation duration: variable, depending of the scenario



During the casino evening, the principle is simple, there is no question of money !

The chips distribution: bills are distributed by croupiers to your guests, for a 1 000$ value. An animator announces then the opening of games and invites participants to seat at the casino tables where croupiers are waiting for them to start the evening. « Games are over »: croupiers explain the games' rules to guests, then they invite them to place bet.

After 2h30 of game, the Sale by auction can start. Your guests bid on the prizes to win (10 prizes to be provided) with chips they earned. A false auctionner is present to show the bids and to distribute them.

We propose up to 6 tables of 8 players (roulette – baccara – stud poker – craps – 2 black jack)

Duration: 3 hours



Same as for the casino, there is no money game but a rewarding system at the end of the game. We do propose you up to 6 tables of 8 players, animated by 6 croupiers. Players can get informed of results all the long of the games through giant screen.

For losers, additionnal games can be opened.

Up to 10 prizes, depending of the number of players.

Duration: 3 hours


Bingo & Loto:

Everything is in place to make your BINGO or LOTO party a success: our machine will make a guaranteed effect! A sound tracked animator will lead the party.

Duration : 3 hours