* In view to make your training sessions more ludic, your organization can, if the context allows it, us the PowerVote tool.

What is Power Vote?

* It is an interactive voting system to run trainings. PowerVote allows to poll meeting's participants by asking them questions, and by getting their answers, own to individual voting boxes. 100% integrated into PowerPoint, the results are instantaneously displayed under graphics formats.

* Ready-prepared in one minute, this system is composed of three items : many individual voting wireless boxes, one voting  receptor (of type "USB key") to plug on PC, and PowerVote Express + PowerVote Quizz softwares (integrated to PowerPoint).

Example of utilization in a training session:

* A company is implementing a training system for managers. The training subject is: labour law; a difficult austere matter for which one must catch the trainees' attention.

* While training managers, it is essential to succeed in focalizing their attention on the training; difficult challenge because the subject might be off-putting. Putting a remote control into their hands encourages them to participate and put aside their mobile phone in worst case scenario.

* During the training, managers are confronted to study cases that represent diverss situations in breach of the law or legal.

* With PowerVote, they can vote for the solution that seem to be the correct one. The vote can be anonymous or not, depending of the trainer's choice. The nominative mode allows to create a podium at the end of the training, and so to glamorize the best trainees.


Quizz / Questions for a Manager

 * Individuals or teams face around questions relative to a work thema or a study case.

* The different sets can be separated by ludic games or questions on general culture, that will  bring a bit of spice to the work sessions.